Kunstlijn 2013

My work at the show 'Diep in het Bos'.

‘Beyond the Wolf’, the poster of Kunstlijn 2013.

Also at the artshow 'Diep in het Bos', Noord-Hollands archief, Jansstraat 40 in Haarlem.

Artist in residence Callosa, Spain.

Peacock, made of local materials only.

Artist in residence Callosa, Spain.

'Cats and Rats'.
This is one of the 'Hidden Inhabitants' of Callosa on which I focus during this artist in residence.

Artist in residence Callosa, Spain.

Try out for 'Hidden Inhabitants'

Artist in residence Callosa, Spain.

Working in Spain from October 1 until October 30.
I'm working in Callosa, Spain the month of October at the artist in residence of 'Knecht-Drenth Foundation', together with visual artist Caroline de Bruijn.
This is a piece I'm working on. I gave myself the restriction to use local materials only.

HAIR! Das Haar in der Kunst

LUDWIGGALERIE, Schloss Oberhausen, Germany.
September 22 until January 12.

Exhibition HAIR! Das Haar in der Kunst.
Masterpieces of the Ludwig-collection, famous works from the Ancient until Warhol, from Tilman Riemenschneider until Cindy Sherman.
This beautiful show contains works which are all involved with the material human hair. The installation 'Home sweet Home' and Rapunzel are part of this show.

The exhibition contains works from: Hans Arp, Peter Bömmels, Anita Brendgens, Pascale Brinkel, Joos van Cleve, Colin Cook, Lovis Corinth, Otto Dix, Billie Erlenkamp, Conrad Felixmüller, Rainer Fetting, Renate Frerich, Manfred Gliedt, Domenico Gnoli, Erasmus Grasser, Johannes Grützke, Eckhart Hahn, Joseph Hannong, Michael Heckel, Rebecca Horn, Johannes Hüppi, Johann A. Gottfried Jacobé, Johann Joachim Kaendler, Hendrik Kerstens, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Judith Maria Kleintjes, Herlinde Koelbl, Jeff Koons, Sekyung Lee, Zoe Leonard, Meister des Aachener Altars, Meister der Passionfolgen, Monogrammist MS, Nicholas Monro, Friedrich August Mottu, Edvard Munch, Patricia Murawski, Shirin Neshat, Ursula Neugebauer, Wolfgang Peuker, Annette Peuker-Krisper, Pablo Picasso, Fritz Pitz, Jim Rakete, Ralf Rassloff, Tilman Riemenschneider, Chrystl Rijkeboer, Arno Rink, Georg Schrimpf, Simon Schubert, Claudia Schumacher, Thomas Schweigert, Cindy Sherman, Volker Stelzmann, Regine Strehlow-Lorentz, Franz von Stuck, Hans Rudolf Uthoff, Alexander Voet, Lukas Vorstermann, Andy Warhol, Barbara Wrede and Bettina Zachow.

Spirit Bear

The inevitable journey photo’s

I find this sculpture so difficult 'to get' in a photo. I'm to much a 3D person I think. But Edwin just does it, "Thank you, you're the best!". The inevitable journey is public now.

The inevitable journey

She is ready for a photo shoot, but so hard to get right.

Spirit Pig

Parksessies 2013

Art in the Park.
I'll show my installation 'Hertenkamp'.

‘Het landschap in mijn hoofd’

Open stal, Oldeberkoop Friesland.
July 13 - August 11.

Yesterday I installed my work in Oldeberkoop.
Location No.1 Pand Bouma. Here a sneak-preview...

New work Spirit ‘Deer’

Opening ‘Wild Thing’ Tetem, Enschede

The show 'Wild Thing', curated by bart Hess, from June 27 until September 1, at Artspace Tetem.
Tetem Artspace, Stroinksbleekweg 16 Enschede.

Spirit ‘Wolf’

It almost feels like the 'Spirit' series are in a hurry to arise.

Spirit ‘Hare’

Trophy ‘Blue’ almost done.

Crochetdermy with human hair.

While it's a trent to make art with taxidermy and animals, I'll give it a try with crochetdermy with human hair.
The deer head is almost done. It will be a combination of crochet with human hair and ceramic.

Just found this article on internet.

This is the link to the hole article:

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