‘Breien’ at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden.

This show opened in Oktober 2015 and will end August 28, 2016.

‘Avatars’ and ‘Spirits’ at the Academic Medical Centrum (AMC), Amsterdam.

On show from July 25 until October 13.

Old sins cast long shadows (small version) at Global Village in Landshut, Germany.

June 25 - July 4.
Photograph by Grietje Bouman.


Global Village Zaandam.

Mai 20-22.
Edition 'Global Village Zaandam' is a participation project with 'Art Znstd' and 'Backfire'.


‘Above & Beyond’ at the Drents museum Assen.

ABOVE & BEYOND by Danielle Kwaaitaal.
April 24 - September 4 2016.

I participated with several other artists in ‘ABOVE & BEYOND’, a project by artist Danielle Kwaaitaal and the Drents Museum in Assen.
In 2014 the Drents Museum began to ‘un-collect’ 5000 works from its Heritage Collection. The object by itself has probably no value anymore but can add an artist value to an object by interact with it and by creating a new work with it?
I had given several strands of colored wool dating 1923. With this I created a new work 'Moody', photographed in a wonderful way by Danielle Kwaaitaal (photograph below). She made from all the new artworks Photographic Still-lives, which can be seen from April 23 until September 4 in the Drents Museum in Assen.

The full list of artists is: Aziz Bekkaoui, Hans van Bentem, Simone Boon Liselore Frowijn, Mada van Gaans, Annelies Grimbergen, Marc de Groot, Imme van der Haak, John Doe, Jasper Krabbé, Jeroen van Mechelen, French Peak, Chrystl Rijkeboer and Hinke Schreuders.


DRAAD, at Acec in Apeldoorn


Installation 'Spirits' on show at DRAAD, from April 3 until Mai 15.

Spirit No.10.

Spirit Mask No.10. The complete installation 'Spirits' will be on show at the show 'DRAAD' at ACEC in Apeldoorn, from April 3 until Mai 15.


‘HAIR! Human hair in fashion and art’


At the Central Museum in Utrecht.
Exhibition from Februari 20 until Mai 29, 2016.


‘HAIR! Human hair in fashion and art’, my work ‘Change’ at Central Museum Utrecht.

Filmstills from the video, if you would watch the complete 23 hours video-work 'Change'.


Spirit Mask No.9

Spirit No.9 finished.
During the developing- and making of new works, I also work on earlier series.


BREIEN! at the Fries Museum.

'Mindful breien', article about the knitting exhibition in the Fries Museum, NRC Januari 23.

Kiss of the Wolf - Portraits

Twister in Engelmunduskerk.

SuperHeroes in Engelmunduskerk


Crochet with plastic shopping bags.

BREIEN! at the Fries Museum


October 17 2015 until August 28 2016.

First ‘Super Heroes’ ready.


Working on a new project for the Engelmunduskerk in Oud Velsen.


Nice article in the NRC about the show ‘Under the skin’ at the Textiel Museum Tilburg.

‘Under the Skin’, Textiel Museum in Tilburg.

'Old sins cast long shadows' on view from Mai 30 until September 20, during the exhibition 'Under the Skin' at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg.

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