Concept of ‘The Journey’.
An installation about the journey to the 'end of time' as we know it.

This project is about the times in which we live and about our hedonistic way of life. We have serious problems with; Too much CO2, Global Warming, Rising Oceans, Melting Polar Caps, Pandemics, Fake News, Conspiracy Theories and Dictators who turn the world upside down.
We all see it happening but just like an Ostrich we try to 'bury our head in the sand'. We refuse to look at our own role as co-causer and consumer. All these factors lead us to ‘the rim of the volcano.’

The installation is an apocalyptic parade of three wagons, which are accompanied by black creatures, our dark companions. These creatures represent the 'trolls' that are used to disrupt our society. Logos and emoticons hang on the walls, the modern way of communicating. Multimedia that makes impersonal communication, fake news and blaming and shaming so easy.
The black panels with golden texts are based on the ten commandments. These kinds of statements guarantee polarization, violence, and exclusion. These 'commandments' are meant to address us to our a-morality.

The Wagons:
The first wagon carries a richly dressed man with a rat mask. The wagon is pulled by his 'foot soldiers'. He represents wealth and power, industrialists, and world rulers. Mankind, animals, living environment or our planet; nothing bothers him. He is like a rat that eats everything for its own sake. Only power and profits are important to him. He represents a great cause of many problems.

The second wagon carries an ostrich that sticks its head in the ground. This represents the masses who knows something has to change but does not want to sacrifice luxury and pleasure. They hope it will pass their time!

The third wagon is fully crammed with sad creatures, the deplorables, this is the largest group, which already deal with climate problems. They already experience one disaster after another. They are victims and are literally pushed into the abyss.